Oxplore Events

Oxplore hosts live online events. They are free to join and you can tune in from anywhere! Sign up to our mailing list to be updated on our future online events and email us at to express your interest in a workshop for your UK state school.

University of Oxford events

The University of Oxford hosts a range of events that aim to encourage and support young people and their advisors. Below are a number of featured outreach events that might be of interest to Oxplore users. You can browse the full Oxford Outreach calendar here.



Image of two students studying


. Monday 25 June - Somerset, Devon and Cornwall Residential (Turl Street, Oxford)

. Monday 25 June - English and Modern Languages Residential Study Visit (Woodstock Road, Oxford)

. Tuesday 26 June - Richard James - Atomistically inspired origami (Mathematical Institute, Oxford)

. Tuesday 26 June - St Anne's College - Open Day Residential for students from the North East of England (St Anne's College, Oxford)

. Wednesday 27- Thursday 28 June - University of Oxford Open Days (Oxford)


Image of students attending an Open Day


. Friday 29 June - Classics and Ancient History Taster Day (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford)


. Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 July - Sutton Trust Teacher Summer School (Examination Schools, Oxford)

. Wednesday 11 July - Practical Nanoscience for Teachers (Begbroke Science Park, Oxford)

. Friday 13 July - Making Materials Matter Teachers' Conference (The Ironmongers Hall, London) 


. Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 August - Year 12 Residential Study Visit: Physics  (Oriel College, Oxford)

. Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 August - Year 12 Residential Study Visit: English (Oriel College, Oxford)

. Thursday 30 and Friday 31 August - Year 12 Residential Study Visit: Classics (Oriel College, Oxford)


. Friday 14 September - University of Oxford Open Day (Oxford)