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Free online events

We're gearing up for our next live stream event at 6pm on Friday 16 March!

Oxplore’s student takeover is happening this week! Jessy and Olivia will be hosting a Facebook live stream at 6pm on Friday 16 March. They'll be discussing the Big Question 'Should you believe the history books?' with three academics from the University of Oxford. Catch a sneak peek of what will be covered later in the week by checking out Oxplore’s Facebook page.

You can also catch up with our past live events: Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?Can money buy happiness? and Would you want to live forever?

Hot off the Big Question press

Our newest Big Questions are:

  • Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?
  • Could we live on another planet?
  • Do we see colour the same?

We're working on these right now:

  • Are humans more important than animals?
  • Do we need a royal family?
  • Is there life after death?

Don’t forget, you can submit your own Big Questions too!

We have lift off!

Oxplore was officially launched by the University of Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor (Professor Louise Richardson) on 20 September 2017. As part of our launch we visited schools across the country as well as hosting a day of activities in Oxford for some of the schools who helped us design and build Oxplore over the last year. The day included workshops on the Big Question 'Would you want to live forever?' and young people had their say by voting live.

Oxplore Launch event in Oxford

Oxplore's launch event at Pembroke College, Oxford. Photos by John Cairns.