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Are humans | ruining the Earth?


Yes - the science speaks for itself. Our oceans are becoming polluted, many species are nearing extinction...


No - humans are simply changing the Earth, sometimes through innovative technology and feats of engineering.


Maybe - but through human conservation efforts we're trying to strike a better balance.


It's unclear - some believe we're entering a new geological age of the Earth but this could be a result of natural and man-made factors.

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  • arshtheboss
    I think it is time to enforce harsher laws on the big industrial corporations and become more incentivised to reduce our carbon footprint.
    8 May 2020
    9 months ago
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  • charlotte
    There are many reasons for and against, I believe we can do more to help the enviroment but we also have to embrace change
    20 Feb 2018
    2 years ago
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  • luna_lovegood
    Maybe we are but we are certainly trying to do something about.
    9 Feb 2018
    3 years ago
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