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Is there life | after death?


Yes - many world religions suggest that we live on through our soul or the process of rebirth.


No - despite medical advances we can only delay or prevent death, we cannot reverse it.


Maybe - but is it even a bad thing to be dead? Philosophers question this.


It depends - on your personal beliefs and definition of what it means to die. What about someone's legacy, for example?

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  • its_orangediamond
    I think there is life after death and most people whom are religious would that as well.
    23 Jan 2019
    1 month ago
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  • nerdgirl
    Death is death, make no bones about it... ...see what I did there...
    14 Dec 2018
    3 months ago
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  • chloe
    i think that it is possible although i dont know cause im not dead...
    14 Oct 2018
    5 months ago
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