Is the Internet bad? Take this further...

Understanding, regulating and managing the Internet is a major issue of our time, and there are lots of pathways to studying this further and pursuing a career. If you’re interested in this Big Question, these are some of the university subjects you may enjoy… 

  1. Mathematics and Computer Science
    • This joint degree offers the opportunity to combine an appreciation of mathematical reasoning with an understanding of computing. Mathematics is a fundamental intellectual tool in computing, but computing is increasingly used as a key component in mathematical problem-solving. Find out more on their course page.
  2. Computer Science and Philosophy
    • The two disciplines share a broad focus on the representation of information and rational inference, embracing common interests in algorithms, cognition, intelligence, language, models, proof and verification. Computer scientists need to be able to reflect critically and philosophically as they push forward into novel domains, while philosophers need to understand a world increasingly shaped by technology in which a whole new range of enquiry has opened up, from the philosophy of AI, to the ethics of privacy and intellectual property. Find out more on their course page.
  3. Engineering Science
    • Engineering Science encompasses a vast range of subjects, from microelectronics to offshore oil platforms, and involves the application of creative reasoning, science, mathematics (and of course experience and common sense) to real problems. Find out more on their course page.
  4. Law 
    • Interested in the regulatory side of the Internet? Studying law will not only give you the opportunity to qualify as a solicitor or barrister: it will also help you develop a diverse set of skills which you will be able to apply in many different situations. You will learn to assimilate and analyse complex information, construct arguments, write with precision and clarity and think on your feet. Find out more on their course page.

These are just some ideas, and if you are considering Higher Education you should carefully weigh up your options to choose the course and university that are right for you! You could try further suggested reading and resources