3 laws you wouldn’t want to live without

  1. The laws of gravity
    1. You might think it’s kind of an annoying law - after all, it’s what makes exercise really tiring, it hurts you if you trip over and it stops you leaping from building to building like a superhero. But it also stops us all from floating off the planet and drifting into outer space where we’d swell up, pass out and then die from lack of oxygen. In fact, without it, we wouldn’t even have a planet to float away from - without the force of gravity to hold it together, the intense pressures at the earth’s core would most likely cause it to burst open in a huge explosion. The same goes for the sun too. So overall, this law is probably a keeper.
  2. The laws of magnetism
    1. Do you like to watch TV? Listen to music through your headphones? Use your computer? Well, all those things use magnetism in some way. And what if you had a brain tumour or a spine injury - wouldn’t you want the doctors to be able to find that out and help you get better? Well, without magnetism we wouldn’t be able to use MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners, which would make it pretty hard for anyone to diagnose and treat you. Even your phone uses magnets - they’re part of the ear and mouth pieces, and they help make sure you and your friends can actually hear each other when you chat. So unless you want a music-less, phoneless, friendless existence, it’s probably best to hang on to this law.
  3. The laws of thermodynamics
    1. Sweating might not seem like much fun, but it’s the mechanism your body uses to cool itself down - if we didn’t sweat, we’d overheat and eventually die (which is even less fun than sweating). And when we sweat that’s just our bodies obeying the laws of thermodynamics - a branch of science that defines the relationship between temperature and energy. Physicists and chemists applied thermodynamics to steam trains as early as the 19th century- they wanted to better understand how they worked so they could make them go faster. And the transport industry still relies hugely on the principles of thermodynamics today, as they’re at work in the engines of cars and planes. So without these laws, you wouldn’t ever be able to go much of anywhere. And being stuck at home wouldn’t be much fun either, as you’d probably be cold - thermodynamics are also at play in your central heating system. So let’s not be too quick to throw these laws out.