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Portrait of James Howard“I enjoy both the sciences and arts, so I decided that reading Geography would not only satisfy my broad interests and keep my options open, but also give me the opportunity to specialise in areas I found most interesting. Adopting both macro- and micro-approaches has helped me learn different concepts and apply them to various geographical topics.”
- James Howard, Geography

If you want to find out more about the ethical and legal arguments for and against war, James recommends:

War: What is it Good For? The Role of Conflict in Civilisation, from Primates to Robots by Ian Morris

War is often considered one of the greatest human evils. But, bestselling historian Ian Morris argues that, in the long run, war has been a good thing.

A Theory of the Drone by Grégoire Chamayou

From a leading philosopher, this book explores how drone warfare is creating a lot of ethical and legal debate and has the potential to transform our world. 

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy 

Considered one of the greatest novels in the world, this story, set against the backdrop of the French invasion of Russia, was developed into a BBC drama series in 2016. 

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Study philosophers through the ages, develop an understanding of different political systems and learn about the interactions of consumers and businesses. Find out more on their course page.