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Portrait of Emily Roper“I chose to study Arabic and Islamic Studies because I wanted to further understand a culture that had been, and will continue to be, increasingly significant on a global scale. With growing global markets and the ease of communication across the globe, it is vital to understand the cultures we are interacting with. For me, language is the key to unlocking the religion and the history that forms an identity in the Arab world.”
- Emily Roper, Oriental Studies (Arabic and Islamic Studies)

If you want to find out more about religion around the world, Emily recommends:

Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms by Gerard Russell 

This book explores mysterious religions which have stood the test of time. Russell discusses the histories, rituals and vulnerability of these forgotten faiths. 

Doesn't religion cause most of the conflict in the world? By Rachel Woodlock, Antony Loewenstein, Jane Caro & Simon Smart 

In this Guardian article, four Australian writers with very different beliefs answer this thought-provoking question. 

King’s asks: Is the West to blame for ISIS? By Esha Marwaha

This Varsity article summarises a debate on the threat posed by the so-called ISIS and the West’s potential role in its rise to power. 

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