6 unusual final meal requests

  1. Vegetarian pizza for a homeless person 
    1. Philip Ray Workman’s last meal request was to order a large vegetarian pizza and then give it to a homeless person. Prison officials said no, so Workman went on a hunger strike that led to some of his supporters outside of the prison giving away vegetarian pizzas to the homeless.
  2. A single black olive 
    1. Robert Buell simply requested one black olive, un-pitted. It’s not known whether he ate it or not.
  3. World peace 
    1. Odelle Barnes made a highly unusual last meal request of “justice, equality and world peace.” Unfortunately, the prison officials couldn’t quite cook that up.
  4. The Lord of the Rings 
    1. Ronnie Lee Gardner’s last meal request was lobster, steak, ice cream and apple pie, but he also asked if he could be allowed to eat it while watching the movie trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. The prison officials said yes, wheeling in a TV and old-school video player, but no one knows if he had time to actually watch all three films! 
  5.  A lump of dirt
    1. When asked what he wanted for his last meal, James Edward Smith requested a lump of dirt. Guess he was trying to make a statement. But in the end, he got a yoghurt instead. 
  6.  Bread and wine 
    1. Before his execution, Jonathan Nobles spent a lot of time with the prison chaplain and other visiting Christian groups and became a born-again Christian. This explains his final meal request of Holy Communion - bread and wine.