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"I havePortrait of Jack Wands always had a great interest in politics but I always thought that studying it alone missed a lot about the world and ourselves. That is why I love PPE, not only does it tell us how the world works but also the many ways it could work and how it ought to work. PPE is, in my eyes, the most comprehensive subject."
- Jack Wands, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

If you want to find out more about the reality (or potential illusion) of freedom, Jack recommends:

Free Will: A very short introduction by Thomas Pink

We make hundreds of seemingly free choices every day, but are these decisions truly free? Or are they influenced by factors outside of our control? Thomas Pink explores the possible answers…

The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast - Big Unknowns: is free will an illusion? 

The question of free will has puzzled philosophers for centuries. In this podcast, science editor Ian Sample speaks to psychology and philosophy experts about the free will debate. 

Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang

This short story inspired the 2016 film Arrival, in which a young woman learns the language of aliens who have come to earth, giving her the ability to see into her future. 

Enjoyed this Big Question? University study offers the opportunity to ask all your big questions, and develop the skills to find the answers. The university subjects covered in this question include…

Experimental Psychology

Develop an understanding of how humans think and behave, including how we see colours to how children develop language. Find out more on their course page. 


Develop views not simply about what a law is, but also about why it exists, whether it should be in place, and how it could be changed. Find out more on their course page.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics 

Study philosophers through the ages, develop an understanding of different political systems and learn about the interactions of consumers and businesses. Find out more on their course page.