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Portrait of Ellie Beard“It was the varied nature of medicine that appealed to me - I loved the idea of combining biomedical sciences and patient care, as well as the study of the political and sociological factors that affect healthcare systems. In the long term, I think I want to be involved in epidemiological research to help influence public health policies to improve population health, but right now I'm just excited to explore as many different aspects of medicine as possible.”
- Ellie Beard, Medicine

If you want to find out more about health and medicine, Ellie recommends:

The Epigenetics Revolution by Nessa Carey

An introduction to a modern field of biology that explores genetics, disease, and inheritance (what’s passed on to us from our parents).

Follow Your Gut by Rob Knight with Brendan Buhler

An exploration of how the bacteria in your stomach affects your health, mood and more…

Your Health Depends on Where You Live a Ted Talk by Bill Davenhall

Bill Davenhall, a Health and Human Services Expert talks about the important, and often overlooked, effects our environment can have on our health.

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Human Sciences

Study the biological, social and cultural aspects of human life to gain a greater understanding of important issues that modern societies face. Find out more on their course page.


Learn about the human body and the diseases and illnesses it faces, as well as the methods and techniques to treat them. Find out more on their course page.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Study philosophers through the ages, develop an understanding of different political systems and learn about the interactions of consumers and businesses. Find out more on their course page.