Could there be real-life X-men? Take this further...

Could there be real-life X-men? By now, you’ve got an idea of what is possible now and in the future. If this has inspired you to dig even deeper to try and understand super-powers, here are some suggested subjects you could study at a university like Oxford.

  1. Biomedical Sciences 
    1. Biomedical scientists focus on how cells, organs and systems function in the human body; an exciting and dynamic area that is highly relevant to the understanding and treatment of human diseases. This course does not provide a medical training. Oxford is a highly respected and internationally recognised centre for biomedical research and, on this interdisciplinary course, students will receive the benefit of tuition from leading experts working within a variety of non-clinical and clinical departments. This course provides students with an intellectually stimulating education in modern molecular, cellular and systems biology and neuroscience. Find out more.
  2. Biological Sciences
    1. Biological Sciences is an exciting and rapidly developing subject area. The study of living things has undergone tremendous expansion in recent years, and topics such as cell biology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology and ecology are advancing rapidly. This expansion has been accompanied by a blurring of the distinctions between disciplines: a biologist with an interest in tropical plants may well use many of the tools and techniques that are indispensable to a molecular geneticist. Find out more. 
  3. Chemistry  
    1. Chemistry is a wide-ranging science concerned with matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Important facets are synthesis, structure, microscopic mechanisms, properties, analysis and transformations of all types of materials. Find out more. 

These are just some ideas, and if you are considering Higher Education you should carefully weigh up your options to choose the course and university that are right for you! You could try further suggested reading and resources