Are these mutant celebrities real-life X-Men?

  1. Ashton Kutcher
    1. You know he’s a huge star, a successful businessman and the husband of actress Mila Kunis - but did you know that he’s also a bit like a duck? That’s right - Kutcher has a genetic mutation called syndactyly, which in plain English means he has webbed feet! He might be famous for punking people, but this definitely isn’t a joke.
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch
    1. The Dr Strange actor is everywhere - on the big screen, the small screen, the stage… he can even carry a tune. But incredible performance power isn’t what makes him super - thanks to the genetic mutation heterochromia, Benedict’s eyes change colour from blue to green depending on the light. Is that the super-secret of his charm?
  3. Kate Hudson 
    1. She’s famous for dancing across our screens in both TV show Glee and in endless adverts for leggings, but did you know that Hudson has more twinkle toes than us? Yep, she was born with an extra toe on her left foot - a phenomenon known in the medical world as polydactyly. Maybe that’s what puts an extra spring in her step.
  4. Elizabeth Taylor
    1. This old-school Hollywood legend (and best friend of Michael Jackson) was famous for having the lushest lashes in show-business. But her eyelashes didn’t come from a ton of mascara - Taylor was born with the catchily-titled distichiasis genetic mutation, which gave her an extra row of eyelashes to bat at her leading actor. She definitely struck lucky in the mutation lottery though - distichiasis is not only extremely rare, but it normally results in the extra set of eyelashes growing towards the eyes and irritating them. Instead, Taylor’s just beautifully complemented her unusual violet-coloured eyes and gave her the look that made her a huge star.